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Steak and Christmas
December 24, 2008, 12:11 am
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Sounds good, right? No.. not really. Tomorrow I’m working at “the Angus” and am not stoked about it. I just want the holidays to be over already, I’m so sick of them. The post couple of days I have felt like a complete Scrooge and I could give a shit less, oh well. Now to save up money for a new camera (since mine broke on Saturday) and hopefully a new track frame.

In other news, my grandmother came down from Arizona today and will be staying for a week or so. Also, not this Saturday but the next I will HOPEFULLY be getting certified to ride the velodrome… should be exciting. Now.. I think I’m going to get my grumpy self into bed. Grr…


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dun mean to bum you out even more, but the track is close this weekend:

Comment by huphtur

Yeah I figured that out RIGHT after I posted it. But, forgot to edit it. Oops.

Comment by yacqueli


Comment by huphtur

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